Introduction Sustainability Access to Finance for the Young Enterprises Community Leadership Market Development Selection of the Right Youngsters to Run A Business Inclusiveness of (Young) Women in Women Unfriendly Areas Fruitful Mentor System Smart Models / Tools for Young Enterprises On Rural Hub-Making Most Promising Initiatives
List of most promising initiatives fitting in Bangladesh or Pakistan context that we studied.


by Aparna Banerjee Website: Contact info: Aparna Banerjee Sukanya is an end to end social value chain, created and managed by disadvantaged women that enables marginalized women to compete with and be part of the retail business in a sustainable way.

Hamri Bahini – The Green Angels

by Himalaya Climate Initiative Website: Contact info: Bivishika Bhandari, Program Lead, Hamri Bahini (Green Angels) Hamri Bahini is a women’s empowerment movement that focusses on green social entrepreneurship to create job opportunities for women.

The Hubli Sandbox (Sandbox Startups)

by Deshpande Foundation Website: Contact info: Raj Melville, Executive Director, Deshpande Foundation The Hubli Sandbox creates an effective ecosystem where innovative approaches to addressing social challenges are encouraged. Barefoot College by Sanjit Bunker Roy Website:
Contact info: The Barefoot College teaches rural women and men to become solar engineers, artisans, dentists and doctors in their own villages by working on leveraging the power, resourcefulness, inventiveness or rural people to not just solve local challenges, but also ‘export’ their ideas and solutions to other parts of the country and world.

READ Center

By READ Global Website:
Contact info: Naita Saechao Chialvo Deputy Director, READ Global READ Centers give women a safe space to gather, learn and advocate. focus on building community libraries and resource centers that help rural community members launch businesses.

The Northern Uganda Youth Entrepreneurship Program

by Enterprise Uganda Youth Business International Website: Contact info: Mr. Charles Ocici, Executive Director Enterprise Uganda offers comprehensive youth entrepreneurship development services in rural areas.

MKUBWA, Tanzania Virtual Business Incubator by the Italian Association for Women Development (AIDOS)

Piloted and adapted by Tanzania Gatsby Trust Website: Contact info: Wanke Kinya Virtual Business Incubator promotes the role of rural women in economic development by encouraging micro- and small enterprises to grow and reach beyond traditional home or gender-based models.


by Singlespark Website: Contact info: Peter Meijer Business-in-a-box offers start-up kits and support to high-potential entrepreneurs in the difficult start-up period.

Youth Focused Village Savings and Loan Groups

by Plan International Egypt through the Rural Youth Economic Empowerment Programme Website: Contact info: Silvia Samy Plan International offers a combination of financial and non-financial support that is friendly to rural youth.

Sote Hub

By David Ogiga Website: Contact info: David Ogiga Sote Hub is one of the first rural Hubs in Kenya that provides an open space for young innovators to addresses the shortcoming of practical training in ICT, finance and marketing skills.

Cool Farming

By YADEN (Youth Arts Development and Entrepreneurship Network) Website: Contact info: Cool Farming makes farming attractive for young people through cultural practices to change behaviors and attitudes.


By Community Innovation Lab in Nepal Website: Contact info: Nimesh Ghimire A model to raise awareness about, and promote women-led enterprises in rural communities. As part of the program, an ‘Innovation Challenge’ is organized in rural districts, where top women entrepreneurs and their ventures are selected based on jury decision and the public votes they gather.

Nangi Hub and Lamjung Hub

By Rural Innovation Lab, Nepal Website: Contact info: Nimesh Ghimire Creative space for rural community members to come together to design their own solutions to local challenges. The Nangi hub has a number of women entrepreneurs running a variety of small scale enterprises. The Lamjung Hub focuses on technology solutions to address local livelihood challenges.

Sustainable Access to Finance and Livelihood

By SAFAL in Nepal Contact info: Nimesh Ghimire The strength of the model lies in the fact that the project is focused on educating/informing the rural entrepreneurs on different forms of finances and financial management

A 'YouTube' for Farmers by Farmers, India

By Digital Green in India, Ethiopia and Globally Website:
Contact info: DigitalGreen is an innovative platform for community engagement and learning. Rural community members are assisted in making videos of best practices and lessons that are locally relevant and important to them.

3X6 Approach

By United Nations Development Program UNDP in Yemen and Jordan with Syrian refugee communities Youth Economic Empowerment Project, Yemen - Mid-Term Report: Contact info: A UNDP initiative working with vulnerable communities to provide youth with livelihoods and business skills. The approach offers a more innovative and sustainable solution, challenging money earned into savings which are then leveraged in starting business activities for crises and post-crises contexts.