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Founded in 2016 by David Christian


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Manufactures eco- friendly, biodegradable or even edible seaweed packaging products that can even be eaten. Seaweed is used as raw material.


Evoware provides an eco-solution for plastic waste problems encouraging people to live a more responsible and sustainable life.






Solution and innovation

foto van EvowareWorld.

Evoware products are eco- friendly, biodegradable, sometimes even edible and healthy for the body. They use seaweed as their raw material ensuring that their impact is not just on the environment but also on the livelihood of seaweed farmers. Through their business, they ensure that they increase farmers’ income and also reduce environmental pollution.






1. Provides additional income for seaweed farmers by processing seaweed in to edible sachets and cutlery
2. Trains and employs local youth in seaweed production clusters


foto van EvowareWorld.