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PSE (Pour Un Sourire D’Enfant)

Founded in 2008 by Christian and Marie-France des Pallières


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PSE provides underprivileged and vulnerable children with a path to employment and economic wellbeing by taking care of basic human needs such as nutrition, shelter, healthcare and vocational training.

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25 years of war and terrible genocide left the Cambodian poor in extreme moral, physical and material destitution. Children were the main victims: their future was limited to scavenging on rubbish dumps or wandering the streets with all the associated dangers. PSE aimed to resolve this issue by giving proper meals to the children, providing them accommodation and livelihood opportunities.





Solution and innovation


By engaging with sustainability partners who provide financial, operational and infrastructural support, PSE aims to transform the lives of the victimized children. The children under PSE’s programmes come from extremely poor families. These are child labourers, scavengers, street children, water spinach harvesters, stone breakers, school dropouts, abused or orphaned children primarily from families that live in precarious conditions in the slums around large cities. PSE addresses all their needs including food, protection, education, healthcare and family support. They also teach them a skilled trade so they can join mainstream Cambodian society.





Children living in the dumpsite


More than 6,000 children are looked after: they are fed, provided with healthcare, educated and given vocational training. With a high quality qualification, they are able to join the workforce and integrate into society.
Each year some 400 youngsters graduate, escaping from destitution with qualifications to be cooks, receptionists, tour guides, salespeople, accountants, administrative assistants, mechanics, electricians, etc.