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28-09-2015 Dutch youth tackles unemployment with an Ugandan approach!

The Youth Platform Amsterdam East will present the Youth Manifesto on the 28th of September in Amsterdam, partners from Brazil and Uganda will also be joining.

They are using methods such as the Youth Manifesto and an open platform source Ushahidi: a method and tool that young people in East-African countries use to make their voices heard collectively. Curious? Bring your smartphone, tablet or laptop. We’re going Ushahidi! ushahidi

The theme of this evening’s program is participation among young people. How do young people participate in their neighbourhood? In which ways can the youth put unemployment issues on the agenda? And how do they tackle issues such as unemployment? How do they influence the political agenda? Why do they want to learn from international exchanges, such as Brazilian and Ugandan methods?


The main theme of Neighbourhood Communities # 11 is “Influencing the Agenda”, which is an exchange project between Uganda, Brazil, and the Netherlands. This project is part of the E-motive program initiated by Oxfam Novib and aims to share innovative and successful methods developed in the Global South.

The local problem of youth unemployment prompted the Youth Platform Amsterdam East to join. Redouane, the moderator of the evening discovered along with Brazilian youth the Youth Manifesto in the districts of Kampala, Uganda. The Youth Manifesto is a process in which young people develop their own agenda in the form of a manifesto. They make explicit and public what they want. They organize advocacy to obtain a sustainable commitment with the government and social partners. The Youth Manifesto is supported by ‘Ushahidi’: an African open source online platform. Ushahidi makes a digital community possible; a Community of Practice where young people formulate and share their needs, desires, dreams, and aspirations. Where they select, evaluate and validate their issues and questions. This leads to the establishment of a shared youth agenda.

The Youth Platform Amsterdam East will present this on the 28th of September and they will also tell more about Ushahidi and the Youth Manifesto project.

Together with youth from other communities in Amsterdam and beyond. Obviously, the meeting is only complete with the Brazilian and Ugandan exchange partners. They will also attend the evening. They will tell us and show us how they bring Youth Manifesto into practice . We will get insight in the international cooperation between young people from three countries.

The program Neighbourhood Communities

The Indische Buurt Communities, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Movisie, and KrachtinNL makes this program possible whereby the main focus is on communities as a contemporary form of citizenship. The central perspective is from the people who make the communities. What do they see as characteristic for communities? What are their issues and how do they tackle them? What makes them sustainable and how do they relate to the institutional world? The program is to learn from and about other communities. Neighbourhood Communities #11 is organized together with NetDem.

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