A global exchange programme with a unique learning approach in which every great solution gets a place to flourish and multiply where it’s needed.

What does E-Motive do?

E-Motive offers a systematic peer-to-peer learning exchange programme, following 6 steps. The learning exchange programme is tailor-made, combines face-to-face exchanges with online tools, and connects professionals and solutions that have the power to truly generate impact. All the chosen professionals have the potential to be inspiring change makers, and all the selected solutions have a proven track record. The aim of the exchanges is to create a space of trust and openness, in which professionals will be surprised, excited and motivated to develop a new perspective on how to approach their problem differently.

Current Project
Empower Youth for Work
E-Motive challenge: Create job opportunities for young people by setting up rural Hubs in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Indonesia and Pakistan

Current Challenge

In every learning exchange E-Motive works with a challenge. This is an urgent local issue that needs innovative solutions. E-Motive searches for the best practices in contexts and countries with similar local issues. Through an international exchange these solutions are tested and translated to new contexts, turning them into radical innovations.

The current challenge is to create job opportunities for young people by setting up rural Hubs in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

A rural Hub is a place, located in rural districts, to support young people in finding a job. It is a creative working space with an internet infrastructure and joined services. A rural Hub promotes and stimulates the growth of an entrepreneurship community to set up enterprises, get funds, create jobs and generate substantial change. Currently, Hubs are often set in urban areas. To create Hubs in rural areas is a new and radical innovation.

Two ways in which a rural Hub supports:

  1. Preparing youngsters for employment in existing companies. The rural Hub provides skill trainings, internships, career events, internet service and CV reviews.
  2. Encouraging youngsters to be an entrepreneur. The rural Hub provides entrepreneurship trainings, incubation & coaching, pitching & network events and matching to investors.

Current projects

Our lessons learned so far
Curious what we have learned so far for the Empower Youth for Work project? We have gathered all our findings, trends, insights and lessons about rural hubs and enterprises. Click on the button to go to our learning document.