A global exchange programme with a unique learning approach in which every great solution gets a place to flourish and multiply where it’s needed.

What does E-Motive do?

Some of the best solutions to empowering communities and tackling poverty and inequality already exist worldwide – waiting to be unlocked! Our E-Motive program aims to do just that: an international exchange program that enables peer-to-peer learning between professionals who have the power to generate impact as role model and change maker.

The E-Motive methodology consists of 6 distinct steps, ranging from understanding a problem, to finding and exchanging on solutions, culminating in applying innovative approaches. Peers from similar cultures in different context share their knowledge and gain unexpected new perspectives.

Launched in 2006 as a ‘reversed development’ program, the E-Motive methodology has continuously evolved over the course of 10 years resulting into a systematic peer-to-peer learning exchange program. In 2017 The University of Utrecht has conducted two in-depth case studies on E-Motive exchanges in the EYW program, concluding that the exchanges have resulted in fruitful outcomes.

It was found that the participants in the exchanges have all gained new experiences, new knowledge and new insights that they are able to implement to a certain extent into their daily work practices. This includes so-called ‘aha-moments’, that indicate participants have gained new perspectives and as a result look at their own context differently now.

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