We will improve (by testing and analyze the lessons learned) and scale the E-motive method in new networks and look for untapped resources and partnerships.

Main motivation for setting up a Thinktank

E-motive wants to be an approach with a valuable product in model, approach, impact, and price to improve social innovations in difficult grassroot contexts. We would like to improve the sustainability and quality of the learning trajectories, we would like to experiment with divers tools in E-motive and last but not least we would to improve the sustainability and impact of the social innovations in local contexts. E-Motive’s unique selling point is the good practice-based peer-to-peer setting where everybody is learning. We would like to connect grassroot people who are struggling a lot with urgent tough daily challenges to the right knowledge and resources. The Thinktank is set up for at least 1 year. It is an informal setting in an agile environment to be able to make quick decisions and action under the flag of E-motive/ Oxfam to scale, broaden or develop E-motive further. We’ll have quarterly meetings.

Composition of thinktank

These 7 members have all been involved in distinct roles in E-motive trajectories in the last 3 years. With this diverse group from all continents, connected to networks in and out Oxfam, the Thinktank aims to reflect on how and where we could scale and broaden the E-motive method. We would like to have an experimental first year to see how it goes and then evaluate if we want to continue in the same way or improve or stop or change members. The selected members have all great experiences in grassroot social innovations with young people and their communities in ways of activism, income generating activities, technical solutions or influencing social norms. They all are connected to national an international network with academic and civil society organizations and stakeholders.

Activities/ results

  • Critical Reviewing existing key documents and add innovative ideas for website or use of social media to have a collective understanding and commitment. Develop improvements to make the 6 steps stronger to ensure more sustainability and scalability in social innovations f.i. “How could E-motive contribute to social movements?”
  • Working on new partnerships with a shared vision on grassroot innovation on learning trajectory and peer-to-peer learning f.i. Barefoot college
  • Develop ideas for using digital tools in E-motive learning exchanges to strengthen or replace the f2f visits
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