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Talent makes the world go round by YiP/ Elos

How to focus and awaken talent and potential of people through creativity and imagination in social context? Answer: Use games; laugh at mistakes; how fascinating! A method used to make failure positive.

YIP was on E-motive tour from 2012 till 2015 with YIP partners from Malawi, Colombia, South Africa, Kenya  and the Netherlands.

Through mutual learning the capacity of trainers in Malawi has increased significantly by taking part in trainings in SA, NL and having hosted Neda.

Eye opener working with YiP: bringing creative arts like music into prison. Creative arts can bring something more and deeper to young people and can be used as platform to liberate. How do we bring out the capacity? E-Motive brought into contact and used the methodology, bringing capacity together and influencing parliaments to improve prison conditions. Interacting has enabled to become an international organisation.

ELOS had E-motive exchanges between 2010- 2014. In 2014 they evolved on the journey, impulsing the construction of new dreams!  In 2015 Elos Brazil & Elos NL transfered their Oasis method in an online game based on their 7 steps, principles and beliefs. E-mpulse game was one of the projects at E-Motive going global.

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Talent makes the world go round?

Appreciative gaze: what is there instead of not there?

Changing the way we look at things! Look for the beauties and what the resources in the community are. Look for the talents in the community and what people can contribute.

Affection: talents and talent show.

Elos principle of inner fire; what do you have to offer to the world.

People leave recognised, inspired, empowered and full of dreams having created a movement .

Burning questions and answers

How do you engage people to take part in your project? Focus on the ones who are willing to participate, they will take it to others. F.e. start with 5 and end up with 200. Use playful activities which help a lot and are part of the process.

What happens afterwards? YiP tries to have a structural presence in South Africa, Malawi. Aim is to introduce the approach, influence the system so a similar approach can be introduced.

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