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Tête a Tête: the power of theatre

Very inspirational kick-off at The Other Perspective Conference: Palestine, Israel & Dutch tête à tête
“Theatre is the non violent weapon for peace.”
"Lots learned from Combatants of peace in the Middle East, brought to Rotterdam to prevent youngsters become terrorists."

Formaat (The Netherlands) and Combatants for Peace (Israel /Palestine) showed the power of theatre in overcoming conflict. Combatants for Peace uses theatre at the borders of Israel and Palestine. Formaat has learned and applied these techniques as well in Rotterdam. What did they learn from working together? And what can you learn from their experiences?

Click here to read the interview with Combatants for Peace (Chen Alon, Rima Jawabra, Maayan Rahamim) and Formaat (Luc Opdebeeck)

Click here to watch the video, presented at The Other Perspective Conference