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CEAL-Network; 6 European organizations team build up a new educational model for a community-based Entrepeneurship

The Community-based Entrepreneurship Action-Learning Network (CEAL-network) is running 6 community/ action learning programs in 5 countries around Europe in 2015/2106. 2 to 3 month programs where youth from communities and universities learn together to set up community-based projects with a socio-economic dimension. Through the realization of an actual community projects during the program, youngsters acquire entrepreneurial skills, experience new forms of local economic models and learn how to work in diverse cultural conditions.

The CEAL-program is inspired by the ELOS Philosophy! For further details please read the press release about pilots taking place in Utrecht (Netherlands) Berlin (Germany), Frome (UK), Gent (Belgium), Segovia and Bilbao (Spain).


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CEAL infographic