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External evaluation forum group – Daniele Cibati

The external evaluation took place in Spain during the last 3 months (February- April 2016) . There were interviews, stories and a forumgroup. Listen to the summary of the project leader Daniele Cibati from the Spanish organisation “3social” in this movie.

Some of the conclusions of the evaluators:

The ‘way how’, the intensive learning process taking place in Emotive fits with Goleman’s (1995) theory of ‘Emotional Intelligence’. Many of the significant stories and key findings from this E-motive evaluation mirror Goleman’s theory in practice:

Self-awareness: Creating physical spaces described by participants as ‘skin to skin’ platforms ‘exchange programs’ that inspired participants to see, be, and act differently ‘a new consciousness’.

Motivation: connecting action with passion: Search, identify and connect local innovations with propensity for both local and global solutions.

Skilled Relationships: Narrow the distance and support community exchange of information through online platforms.

Empathy with others: Transformation through collaboration ‘nurturing’ demonstrated by e.g. the Theatre of the Oppressed exchanges.