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External evaluation forum group – Maartje Smits University Utrecht

The external evaluation took place in the last 3 months (febr- April 2016) They interviewed the consortium members and collect their stories in a forum group. Maartje Smits, researcher of the University Utrecht reviewed the stories and give in this movie a summary of the stories and outcomes.


Some of the conclusions of the evaluators are;

In its very essence Emotive challenges prejudice as to who is knowledgeable and enables change makers to tap into different bodies of knowledge as they exist globally;

E-Motive gives their participants a ‘life changing experience’ as the exchange with other professionals globally not only provides exposure to the knowledge and practices in these different bodies of knowledge, but also triggers reflection upon oneself and one’s organisation and environment.  Emotive exchanges involve, often close, collaboration, in which new ideas come to fruition and in many cases new knowledge is created leading to genuine transformation, both of knowledge as of people.