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An online Community of Practise

Worldwide, there are many children in prison without any hopes for the future. Their trust, in themselves and society, has been severely damaged. These children often lack a social safety net and recidivism is incredibly high.

Young in Prison International (YiP IN) frees the potential of youth in conflict with the law to contribute positively to society, using creativity, positivity & connection. Read more.


Create to liberate! 
Professionals working with youth in conflict with the law are invited to join the world’s first international online Community of Practise (CoP). Let’s innovate to empower these youth! Read more.

Young in Prison International Network (YiP IN) is looking for peers who share YiP’s mission to improve the conditions and opportunities for youth in conflict with the law worldwide. To achieve this we want to facilitate the exchange of knowledge by professionals in the field. The goal is to learn from each other and increase local impact.

The meeting place for these projects will be an actively hosted online platform. The platform will be the first one on the topic of youth in conflict with the law! It is currently being built by E-motive, a program that specialises in hosting international communities of practise.

Want to be amongst the first practitioners to be invited to the platform? Email


Stay tuned!