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Rural business Pakistan

Match making

EYW Pakistan team has identified the key topics for learning: 1. access to finance for rural entrepreneurs; 2. E-jobs; 3. recycling waste management. Based on these key learning topics, the composition of the E-motive visit group is then finalized.


Learning group

Seher Afsheen

Age: 40

Position: Team Lead Empower Youth For Work, Oxfam

As the Team Lead for Empower Youth for Work project in Pakistan, my motivation is to learn from the solutions around all the 3 identified problems and implement these in Pakistan program after due customization. After this E-motive visit, I will consult relevant stakeholders in country to design customized solutions for access to finance, job opportunities and solid waste management. Also, i will give my full support to partners and EYW team in implementation of these solutions.


Syed Kazim

Age: 34

Position: Project Manager

I want to learn how rural women can be connected with e-jobs (job opportunities). I am participating in the trip so that I can explore the approaches that will enable rural women to discover different options of earning using an internet platform. As a leading role in EYW project at Jamshoro, I will imitate the learning from the trip and share the knowledge with my team.




Age:     49

Position: SVP/Head Marketing & Service Quality

I am associated with the First Women Bank Ltd (FWBL), which empowers women and their families. I want to learn innovative ideas and methodologies so that I can replicate in the Bank. I do believe that reinventing the wheel is not the solution, we want to adopt the best practices around the world. I am confident that this programme would be highly beneficial for FWBL to achieve its objectives but will also contribute to my personal development. I have been in the development sector since 2000 and accomplished/supervised several projects for women. I headed the Business Development Centres and also Women Entrepreneurship Development Division of the Bank. I want to work for the betterment of girls/women and want to make a positive change in their lives. After my learning I will not only replicate the projects but also develop and launch new innovative products.



Age: 35

Position: Program Manager - TIE

I primarily wish to enhance my knowledge and understanding about various models of access to finance, particularly for rural enterprises being practiced in rural. Moreover, I would like to observe and learn from best practices adopted by various organizations in Egypt and enhance my networking with Egyptian organizations and enterprises for future collaboration on knowledge sharing. Access to finance is one of the key objectives of EYW-Pakistan program. Micro-enterprises currently developed under EYW project either unable to access the conventional methods of access to finance offered by various financial institute or unable to meet the pre-requisite of seeking financing. We would like to implement the best practices learned from the visit, to introduce sub-conventional & creative methodologies of financing in partnership with partner financial institute so that the rural enterprise can fully benefit from the services.


Saiqa Rani

Age: 36

Position: Head of Program-Bargad

Exploring e-job models and incorporating them in EYW Layyah, Pakistan is the main objective of this visit for me. Besides, I'm also interested to know how rural women are enabled to increase or start their livelihood. Waste management is another attraction showing how these models work in Egypt and how they could be utilized in context of Layyah. Creating new employment opportunities or linking with existing opportunity is main component at Bargad’s part. E-job is the area we are trying to explore. The knowledge and learning of the visit will help to strengthen E-job component. Though Bargad has started to take part in training digital kills, however I feel a lot could be improved and nourished.


Zhiren Ye

Age: 26

Position: Junior officer of Empower Youth for Work

As the E-motive website master, I’m responsible for managing and writing content for E-motive website. This trip will be a precious opportunity for me to develop better understanding of E-motive and to seek for improvement. Secondly, as the project officer of the EYW, I’m concerned about the progress of country team. The trip is thus a learning process for me to know better about the project, Pakistan country team, as well as the innovations. I believe that the trip will undoubtedly deepen my understanding of the project, E-motive, country team and innovations. These understanding will enable me to support Pakistan EYW team better from project management unit level.


Shahzad Shakeel

Age: 32
Position: Project Officer - EYW

I am excited to learn around three diverse areas: Access to Micro Finance, E-Jobs and Waste Management business models.

E-Jobs: I am eager to learn models around youth employability and engagement of youth through innovative learning platform that enhance their chances of employment.

Micro Finance: In Pakistan, it is not easy for young people to acquire loan from the bank that become hindrance in their journey to economic empowerment especially when it comes to young girls.  I really want to learn best models in Egypt because by and large we have similar context.

Waste Management: In Pakistan, we have huge issue of waste but young people are not aware about new ways of using waste material and turn it into a business opportunity. We want to look at those best environment friendly business models and get inspiration to boost this work in Pakistan.

After the E-motive exchange, I will contribute at two levels:
1. Provide support to develop successful models
2. Implement and continuously improve sustainable models

I will work closely with my team and local partner to develop successful models that resolve our issues of employment and micro finance.