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Kwanda: “Make their communities look better, feel better and work better!”

In the absence of an active government, citizens themselves have to tackle the problems in their community. But how can they improve their neighbourhood and achieve sustainable results? Kwanda is a method for community development, where participation and the development of residents’ active participation take centre stage.‘Kwanda, successful community make over program’ in South Africa is through E-motive implemented in pilots in Amsterdam. In Spring 2014 Movisie, ASW and Aedes (Dutch housingcooperation) developed 3 high level sessions on Kwanda principals with key players to built an Dutch Community of Practice.

Gavin Andersson about Kwanda: "We've learned to organize very, very well against the state and the organization of South African society. And then we came into a situation in which I could organize not against the state and the way society was structured, but organize for society and help to make it better. If you're in a position to do this, you're in a position to help society change itself. I don't think that there's anything more exciting in live.”

5 questions for Gavin Anderson

Gavin Andersson was on the final session on the 7th of October in the Netherlands on the final national session. Rik Winsemius of ASW asked Gavin five simple questions about his drive and motivation. Read here the complete interview!