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Community Radio

Making our own radio program without interruptions. La Trama Comunicacion (Argentina) actually is not a radio station. It’s a community communications platform trying to give anyone the choice of having a program. It is a critical political project that started on radio with journalists from the University of Buenos Aires which has become quite big. Through E-motive they work with Spanish communities in Cordoba.

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Why communicate by radio?
  • Radio is immediate and widespread.
  • Radio lets the imagination fly.
  • Radio allows us to do other things while listening.
  • Radio is more accessible.
  • Radio is not an expensive medium; We can do radio with very little budget.
Genres and radio formats
  • Fiction: Drama/Narratives formats; Radio Theatre
  • Audiobook Radio
  • Story
  • Adaption
  • Sketch
  • Personification
  • Musicals
  • Informatives

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How to start:  Getting to know each other and looking for the group harmony.Talk about problematising and discussing the problems. What is the common ground. Choose one format and produce your own radio programme. Choose between fiction, musicals and informatives and tell what you’ve learned in the community, what you identify as potential and what you’re going to do afterwards.

Click here to listen to our radio broadcast, produced at the masterclass:

Radio broadcast


  • How to use words for transformation: by telling stories. Telling stories gives power for inspiration and imagination. Learning different languages gives you the opportunity to learn and to enlarge your world, language of image and movements is also important.
  • Highlight: to remind ourselves how powerful personal stories are. Change the vision on the world through inspiring stories. Use for future: promote peer learning using more storytelling.
  • Use sport as a tool to bring people together
  • We are not alone; it is important to have learned. Storytelling and drama is a good technology, go beyond that and create movements. Look at the story behind the person.

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