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Community radios: making change happen

It’s never easy to put into words what you’ve experienced, learned, seen, heard, or even felt when you’ve been abroad. It’s even less so when you talk are referring to transferring something “intangible” from one place to another. This is what happened in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and in Cordoba, Spain: a methodology, a philosophy, and a way of doing were shared between two groups who were also challenged to change their mindsets, open up for new experiences and implement a different approach to their daily work.

Community radios have been used throughout Latin-America as a tool for empowerment and for participation. You could even say that they have helped some emancipation movements expand their sphere of influence. They are based on a sense of community and openness which is innovative and entirely different from that of other contexts, such as the European, and more concretely the Spanish context.

This video aims to sum up the experience, with some testimonies and opinions, of the exchange that took place between La Trama Comunicacción and La Tribu FM in 2014. We hope that it inspires you, that it invites you to reflect on the role of agents of change in society, and to impulse you to continue to work in social change.