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27-1-2015 | E-Motive Day 2015: “Play the Game. Change the Game!

 ~ Welcome to the E-Motive Day 2015 ~

Play the game. Change the game!

What are the rules of the game in a society? And are these rules suitable for the developments reaching us? Do they contribute to the solution to social issues? Or do they form barriers to innovation and transformation? And if so: do you have the guts to change these rules? What is it you then need? How do you hold on to your energy, and get people to join you?

In short: how do you become and stay a game-changer?








About the Programme...

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On this day you can choose between workshops focused on acquiring new experiences, inspiring talks, reflection, and action-learning. You can join a workshop about a question that has vexed you. Please have a look in the table down below and make your choice! You do not need to enroll for the workshops, but you are free to go to the workshop of your preference on the E-Motive Day.

There are 6 categories:

1. Action: are you up to action? In this workshop there is the challenge of action. Goal: After the workshop you’ll have a concrete action for yourself. 60 minutes.
2. Experience: Besides new knowledge and expertise you also will have the experience by yourself of the innovative solution and approach. Goal: feel new experiences- 60 minutes.
3. Talks: You will get new insights, knowledge and inspiration to get a wider perspective on transition. Two talks in 60 minutes. 20 min. talk, 10 min interaction.
4. Reflection: where are you now? What is your obstacle to go to the next step? What is helpful to go to the next step? Goal: reflection. 60 minutes.
5. Surprise: a surprise will give you energy! These activities are during the whole day.
6. Start-up: promising pilots and potentials will be shown to inspire you ánd to ask for feedback on dilemma’s and questions. After a short presentations of a business case the expert of the start-up will come up with a interactive session. For instance speeddaten or out of the box session. 60 minutes.


Workshop by Category

Please scroll over the table in order to change the time frame. Dubbel click on the workshop to see more details!

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Date * Time * Location!

Date: Tuesday, 27th of January, 2015

Time: 10:00 – 17:00

Location: 'The Colour Kitchen Utrecht' | Prinses Christinalaan 1 | 3554 JL Utrecht

(Suburb of zuilen)

Visit the website of The Colour Kitchen | Phone: +31 (0)30-223 0023

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  • For questions concerning the programme or practicalities of the E-Motive Day 2015, please contact Christine Kuiper (MOVISIE) - +31 (0)30-789 21 03
  • For questions concerning E-Motive or the E-Motive programme in general, please contact Carin Boersma (Oxfam Novib) - +31 (0)70-342 16 21
  • For questions concerning the website of E-Motive's social media, please contact Liza Kozlowska (Oxfam Novib) - +31 (0)70-342 19 63
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