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E-mpulse Festival 28-29 November 2015 Impact-Hub Madrid

The time for the E-mpulse Festival is approaching! The E-mpulse Festival is a 2-day event bringing together leaders of change from all over the world to exchange innovative social solutions, develop skills, gain access to network and resources to create the impact we dream of in the world. During this festival we will build, experience, question, answer and deepen collaboration with 75 participants from a wide variety of sectors.

These are the incredible speakers at the event:

Speaker number 1: Edgard Gouveia Júnior (Brasil)

Edgard is burst of energy who never gets tired of putting people to play. As founder of ´play the call´ Edgard is during the E-mpulse festival going to challenge our views on how cooperation and gaming can create a global movement of transformation. Check here a video with Edgards latest invitation for playing to change the world. ‪#‎Playthecall‬ is an online global challenge that has specific tasks in the real world and aims to involve 2 billion people over four years to restore balance in the biosphere. He believes that change the world can be fast, fun and without you opening your wallet...

Speakers number 2: John Croft (Australia) & Lizandra Barbuto (Brazil) of Dragon Dreaming

John, over the last 25 years is the creator and developer of the Dragon Dreaming metamethodology, and has been working in partnership with Lizandra, over the last three years to improve its quality and accelerate the Great Turning around the world, spreading this new win-win-win culture, that truly makes a difference.They have been work partners for the last three years and together they work to create new tools with the vision to open and facilitate the liberation of collective wisdom for the Great Turning, building a new win-win-win culture (a win for all individuals, for our communities and for the Earth that sustains life) to assist the transition from win-lose and lose-lose hierarchical command and control systems that are destructive of the human spirit, our communities and the life support systems on which we depend. One of the major problems within the present world of winners and losers is the wound we carry from our contemporary interactions with Money. Integrating the Dragon Dreaming vision with fundraising, you will leave their workshop with a new way to fundraise and create successful colaborative and collective projects. 

Speakers number 3: Bob Stilger (US) in dialogue with Val Rocha (Brasil)

From Fukushima to favela´s ‘how do we prosper with an unknowable future’. What can we learn from Fukushima about what is possible now? Bob Stilger – Founder of NewStories and and works around the world to discover how people are practicing Enspirited Leadership -- and Val Rocha of Instituto Elos Brazil and co-creator of the E-mpulse game will have a dialogue with you around how to dance with the unknown and how to host generative processes in complex contexts. For the last five years most of Bob’s work has been related to Japan’s triple disasters on March 11th 2011 when first an earthquake, then tsunami and finally nuclear explosions wreaked havoc on the northeast coast of Japan. Bob felt an irresistible call to stand with people in communities in the disaster region to help them create the future they wanted, rather than simply waiting for the government to recreate the past. It has been an extraordinary learning ground. Find out more about Bob´s work in Japan here

Speaker number 4: Yuliya Filippovska (Ukraine)

Yuliya is a trained Deep Democracy facilitator living and working in the context of war and crisis in Eastern Europe. “I seek beauty in individual, team and business challenges of all kinds – to support life as it unfolds in all various and mysterious way“. With this perspective yuliya will bring us a story from Ukraine, about living and working in the context of war and crisis with processwork and deep democracy paradigms as the biggest allies. In her afternoon session she will bring new approaches to lead the self, team and social changes in the VUCA (volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambivalent) world, bringing theory and practical application of the processwork and deep democracy paradigms for leaders of the 21st century.

Speaker number 5: Yawa Hansen-Quao (Ghana)

Yawa is a Ghanaian Founder, Social Entrepreneur and a feminist. Yawa sits on the board of Ashesi University College, serves on the Advisory Board, Women’s Institute for Global Leadership, Benedictine University, founder of the Leading Ladies Network (LLN), a member of the African Leadership Network and the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Community. She will bring to the festival a rich source of experience in women empowerment, value-based-partnerships and many stories and experiences in fighting for the rights of education for girls. Yawa has an enormous entrepeneurial power, building networks and capacity based on values such as servant Leadership, Integrity, Compassion, Culture, Family. Find out more about her work with LLN here and check out here how this powerful voice, speaks of how to find your voice as African woman.

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