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External evaluation forum group – Khethive Cele (CEO YIP South Africa)

The external evaluation took place in the last 3 months (Febr- April 2016) They interviewed also the Southern partners and collect their stories in a forum group. Khetiwe reviewed the stories and give in this movie a summary of the outcomes of these stories.

Some of the recommendations of the evaluators are:

The development over the years (starting with ‘reversed development cooperation’ in 2006) of Emotive has become an intrinsic part of its DNA. The original premise – actors in the North can benefit from knowledge in the South – has become an intrinsic part of its DNA in the sense that Emotive challenges assumptions about knowledge and disrupts relations of power based on those assumptions. This facilitates and leverages a (mutual) learning process Particularly the fact (already mentioned) that participants ‘from the Global North’ engage in exchanges with an open mind and not hampered by a ‘we know it all’ framework is important. This open attitude sparks off another ‘aha moment’ at the other side of the equation, the participants from the ‘Global South’: ‘aha, these guys are really coming to learn here, and are not trying to teach us another lesson … again…’, thus breaking age old prejudices on both sides.