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Introduction Sustainability Access to Finance for the Young Enterprises Community Leadership Market Development Selection of the Right Youngsters to Run A Business Inclusiveness of (Young) Women in Women Unfriendly Areas Fruitful Mentor System Smart Models / Tools for Young Enterprises On Rural Hub-Making Most Promising Initiatives

‘Empower Youth for Work’(EYW) just started a 5 year program that has the ambition to start rural Hubs in four countries (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Indonesia), specifically focused on the participation of young women.The concept of rural Hubs is new in these regions and creating them as well as promoting the creative space for (female) entrepreneurs would therefore be a big innovation in the context.

While discussing rural Hubs during the inception phase, the country offices of Bangladesh and Pakistan identified some bottlenecks and challenges in the context of setting up rural hubs in poor, traditional areas affected by climate change.

Support for rural women entrepreneurs that go beyond traditional trainings with specific focus on:

  • safe mobility
  • safe mentoring & peer learning models
  • job creation tools & latest IT based solutions & access to finance
  • community space creation

Instead of re-inventing the wheel, we support EYW in sourcing best practices and lessons learned. We have set up an expert committee to search for models, concepts and experience fitting in the challenges for Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Here you will find the trends, insights and lessons that we took from our research, including a list of the most promising initiatives that we found.