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Programme assessment of three years E-Motive (2006-2008)

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January 2010
The main strength of E-Motive is building concrete outcomes, based on mutual inspiration from the encounter with world citizens. The majority of the projects are good, especially if there is a clear investment in intensive long-lasting equal partnerships. However, a peer-to-peer learning from the South does not automatically lead to an improved image of the South. BWsupport advised to invest actively in managing the existing network of active partners, and to further formulate the E-Motive concept to keep a clear focus of the programme.

“There was certainly enough outcome in the programme: at least 75% of the projects scored green in this regard. The outcomes also vary very much between unintended by the programme up to the kind that was envisaged from the beginning.”


“There was an enormous lot of innovation triggered by the programme, and in that sense one of the main goals was clearly and satisfactorily attained: if 80% of the respondents indicate that their projects got a tangible innovative boost you can be really satisfied with your programme.”