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External evaluation of 3-year EU-funded DEAR project E-Motive

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October 2016

E-Motive has generated rich learning exchanges that have lead to significant transformation at individual and organizational levels. Important conclusions are that E-Motive effectively challenges prejudices about who is knowledgeable, it gives participants life changing experiences, it generates collaboration from which new knowledge is created, and in some cases this even leads to spin-off activities.


“The power of E-Motive is that learning is a multidimensional layered process in which key elements come together in The E-Motive Approach.”

“Reflection is an ever-present element in E-Motive. Not only self-reflection triggered by the exposure to knowledge and other ways of doing things, but also by being looked at by others, by being mirrored. Above all, E-Motive exchanges are a safe space for such reflection.”