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Research on E-Motive Going Global. Online and offline learning using a digital platform

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Utrecht University

April 2016
Online components in an E-Motive exchange are important to stimulate the building of a community, but can never substitute the offline face-to-face aspect of exchanges. Furthermore, if a digital platform was to function well, it requires a lot of commitment from both the participants and the project team of E-Motive. Therefore, Utrecht University concluded E-Motive would benefit from structured online components, but the digital platform such as it has been designed for a testing-phase may not be the best suited format. As such, E-Motive has decided to not continue with the usage of the digital platform in its current form.

“An online community does not exist without any offline contact. Therefore, meeting each other in person, having a face-to-face exchange, is crucial to form a solid online community.”