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Results Oriented Monitoring report on E-Motive

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EU Results Oriented Monitoring

October 2015
E-Motive was graded the highest score (green: good/very good), on all aspects of the evaluation: relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability. The report concluded that E-Motive is a highly relevant project, especially in the context of increased budget cuts in social programmes which opened up the need and opportunity for local organizations to find solutions to local issues with the help of local communities. The idea that the south may serve as a sole source of reliable and tested knowledge is a new concept in exchange programmes, and makes E-Motive rather innovative. The level of participation and enthusiasm is high, due to high ownership and plentiful sharing of knowledge.

“The E-Motive concept in terms of being used as the starting point for a new project or programme, is rather unique. Although there are other knowledge exchanges taking place between North and the South, E-Motive is probably the only initiative exclusively depending on the South as a source of knowledge.”


“Part of the success, besides the enthusiasm displayed throughout the project life cycle, was the simple character of the methodology/technology utilized to replicate the ideas coming from the South. The project provided the necessary flexibility for the ideas to be adapted to the local context.”