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Reflection research step 1 and step 2

E-Motive just concluded Step 1 Context Analysing and Step 2 Solutions Finding of our current project. Utrecht University has been monitoring and evaluating our process all this time. They gave a presentation on 15 May to the Management Team of Empower Youth for Work and E-Motive with the first results, conclusions and recommendations.

Fortunately we have already learned a lot during these first two steps. The aspect of South-South learning appears to be new and innovative for organisations. Also the 6-step methodology is perceived as systematic and logic.

The main challenge that has been identified for step 1 is how to keep the context analysing focused. How much time do you spend on it? How broad or how specific do you identify the topics for solutions? For step 2 the main challenge is to find suitable solutions that can actually be visited for the learning exchange. It became clear when it comes to rural hubs, you cannot find 'the solution' that has it all. Instead, you find solutions that address one or multiple topics. The team of experts selected a shortlist of 13 suitable solutions, and now it is up to country teams to select which ones they want to visit and to form the learning group for the exchange.

For more the full research reflection you can have a look at the powerpoint presentation and/or read the reflection report of Utrecht University.