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Studying the South within E-motive

In 2014 the research within the EU E-motive project focussed on the global South, and on Southern partners’ views of E-motive. Before, the effects of E-motive in the South were based on assumptions about issues such as empowerment and access to funding. The general believe was that through the E-motive projects and exchanges, Southern partners would for instance have an improved access to funding. But do these kind of assumptions hold for the Southern partners in the E-motive programme?

In the end of 2013, the E-motive team realised that decision-making within the E-motive network was very heavily based in Europe. We decided that we wanted to increase mutuality in the network and needed to find out how to involve our Southern partners within the decision making processes of E-Motive. Therefore, we studied how our Southern partners would like to be (more) involved!

The research

In order to answers both questions regarding the ‘benefits’ for the South and the involvement of our Southern partners, a survey research was conducted among all Southern partners of E-motive. To gain additional insights into the results of this survey, the research team (Christine and Kirsten) visited South Africa and held in-depth workshops and interviews with our South-African partners.


Our results show that almost all participants in this study have positive thoughts regarding the E-motive program. The effects of the E-motive programme are mainly visible in the improvement of knowledge and methodology, but also as a catalyst for enlarging networks and improving the local reputation of the Southern organizations. E-motive’s effect on empowerment of Southern partners was less important than assumed. Additionally, the study showed that Southern partners consider the sustainability of the program as a concern and that the inclusion of the South must be incorporated throughout the whole programme. And also important, let us realise that differences are okay and not necessarily something to worry about.


Download here the reports:

E-Motive: the South African Perspective 2014

Survey among Southern E-Motive Partners


Should you have any questions about the E-Motive research, please contact dr. Christine Carabain (Kaleidos Research/NCDO)