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Successful ROM Review

Last September, experts from the EU visited E-Motive partners and projects in The Netherlands, Spain and Poland to perform a ROM (Routine Outcome Monitoring) review on the project ´E-Motive: Learning from the South. Education for globalization´. Many people from NCDO, Movisie, Oxfam Novib, Stowarzyszenie Jeden Swiat, Coordinadora de ONGs para el Desarrollo Espana and their E-Motive  partner organisations were interviewed.

Some of the conclusions:

´This kind of innovative initiative should be replicated in as many areas and thematic opportunities as possible.  Careful planning, organisation and flexibility have been key factors for the success of the project.´

The quality of the outputs has been confirmed with all stakeholders involved in the three countries. There is a widespread satisfaction and recognition of the project at all levels and all stakeholders.

´The high degree of achieved ownership can be attributed to the commitment and enthusiastic participation of all the stakeholders in the process and to the fact that the solutions introduced were highly expected and provided an answer to existing problems. It seems very likely that the project will be further supported and replicated and the prospects of a multiplier effect appear high.´

We are very proud of the outcomes and conclusions in the report and would like to thank all our partners involved!

Interested in reading all results of the review? Click here to read the full report!