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Youth Manifesto: debating rehabilitation and unemployment between the youth

The Youth Manifesto is developed by Inesc in partnership with CEW-It, from Uganda, and Netwerk Democratie and Movisie, both from Netherlands, through the E-Motive Plataform, and aims to exchange experiences on youth and work / unemployment in the countries involved. The idea is to build a manifesto with demands of young Brazilians, Ugandan and Dutch to be presented to the governments of these three countries. The Youth Manifesto uses CEW-it Uganda’s methodology that members of Inesc learned in a workshop in Kampala, early in June.

Each workshop of the Youth Manifesto project had a specific methodology, in order to highlight different young people's realities. However, some dynamics were common, as the one that tried to identify the desired profession - among the youngsters at the inpatient unit, the answers ranged from soccer player and tourist guide, to artist, lawyer and judge.

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