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Gender dynamics in rural finance

Foster programming

Differently to previous E-Motive trajectories, in this learning exchange four countries (Zimbabwe, Uganda, Rwanda and Philippines) were involved in order to find solutions on how to improve gender dynamics in rural finance projects in Nigeria. As mentioned before, there were three specific conditions related to this general topic: (i) creation of trust among spouses and among members of VSLA groups; (ii) off-farming activities to ensure income throughout the whole year; (iv) engagement of people who do not know how to read and write.

The learning exchange was organized in an online setting due to Covid-19 related travel restrictions. Each day was dedicated to e-visit and explore in-depth one country and the solutions proposed for some of the previously mentioned conditions. The visit to each country included some level of cultural exchange, to simulate as much as possible a face-to-face trip.

Prior to the exchange the Oxfam Novib team has preparation sessions with the different best practices in which the content of the sessions and materials were discussed. Each best practice was instructed to prepare one video for each of the conditions that they needed to talk about and a presentation (if necessary) to include more details. In order to give participants the sense of a “trip” each day started with a video that simulated a field visit were the best practices showed information about their region (including food, music, landscape) and the main work of their organization. In these links, you can find an example of a simulated field-trip: