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Improving safety for learners and teachers at school in Uganda

Match making

The Education for Life team has chosen 4 solutions in Kenya for the learning exchange: Engaging Men in Accountable Practices (EMAP), the Girls Shine Program, the Remedial Education Program and the Refugee Employment and Skills Initiative (RESI). Based on these solutions the team has assessed which peers and stakeholders are needed.

Introducing the learning group!


Auma Gloria

Age 36
Project Officer, FAWEU Uganda

Forum for African Women Educationists Uganda (FAWEU), is implementing safety nets for learners in schools through clubs and strengthening of community structures. More so, FAWEU works to influence positive attitudes towards girl child education; It would be of great value to me to share/learn good practices from other partners in implementing similar activities and apply in Uganda.
It will be my role to always create awareness in different platforms about opportunities for youth and educate them on positive discipline and obligations as youth. Advocacy towards youth empowerment will continue to be my top priority.


Komakech Denis

Age 29
PTA -teachers representative, Ogili Hill primary school

I would like to learn new things from other parent-teacher associations (PTA’s) in other parts of the world and share these learnings with my fellow PTA members to improve our work. I will educate the youth on the value and importance of hard work and I will advocate for their welfare through my work.



Olara Aggrey

Age 68
Chairperson CPCs, Palabek Kal

The child protection work has given me a lot of experience and love for child protection and I would, therefore, want to learn good practices and share my experiences with other CPC’s in order to be able to apply the learnings in my community. I intend to sensitize and educate them on positive behaviours and responsibilities so that they contribute positively towards the development of the community and avoid bad behaviours.



Benedict Lokiru

Age 46

Project Manager Education For Life

My motivation is to look for triple lessons and inspiration on how to support the improvement of safety, learning and life skills for learners and teachers. More specifically, I which to learn successful economic and entrepreneurship models that support both refugee and host community youth with sustainable income-generating opportunities and improve their ability to be self-reliant. The learning and exchange visit will enable me refine the youth economic empowerment model that we are developing for in and out of school youth for both refugee and host communities in both Uganda and South Sudan.


Amony Janet

Age 30

Teacher Lugwar primary school

Communication is a challenge as the refugees are from different linguistic origins. They are of different ages in my class and harmonizing their needs become a challenge. Some of them become aggressive as a result of the language barrier. The experiences they went through in their home country during the war made them traumatic and stressed. All these cases made it challenges to handle them. I am motivated to participate in the exchange visit to learn more positive and friendly strategies in working with them both in and outside the classroom. I will apply whatever new teaching strategies learned during the exchange visit to support the youth in our school and the entire refugee community in ensuring improved learning, livelihood, and harmonious living both in school and the community.


Opio Calvin

Age 47

Education Project Coordinator

I am motivated to participate in this exchange visit to learn how children and the refugee youth are being engaged in peacebuilding activities in the schools/community; engagement of parents in the schools' management (supporting peacebuilding) and the retention of youth in school to enhance resourceful youth/ adult who will transform their economies and general governance. I have been directly participating in community awareness-raising campaigns and advocacy; I will definitely employ the new learning in our communication strategies/messages while also influencing stakeholders in adopting some of the new and useful learning from the exchange visit.


Okumu Amos Awira 

Age 46


As a teacher educator, I am motivated to participate in this exchange visit as it would present a learning opportunity and enables me to gain more experience from other participants in providing more engaging education strategies and activities aiming at offering a second chance to school dropout, restoring hope, promoting co-existence and basic skills to cope with the challenges in the refugees' settlement camps. After the exchange, I will continue to partner with AVSI and other agencies in ensuring that the youth are equipped with more new knowledge, skills and values through engaging them in education activities learnt during the exchange visit that would translate into self-transformation and productive engagement to enhance their livelihood and promote peaceful co-existence.



Age 51

Executive Director

I aim to assess the strategic outlook in working in emergencies and with refugees, good practices and experiences that can be replicated in the BRICE project and with other FAWEU work. This is an area that FAWE is venturing in within its new strategic plan.