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Rural advocacy Bangladesh

Match making

EYW Bangladesh team has identified the key topics for learning: 1. rural youth advocacy from local to national level; 2. motivation of youth (groups); 3. sustainability of youth (groups). Based on these key learning topics, the composition of the E-motive visit group is then finalized.


Learning group

Sriti Teresa D Rozario (Bangladeshi youth representative)

Age: 21

Position: Member of District Youth Advisory Board (DYAB), Member of Union Apex body (UAB) & Ward group under EYW project, Padrishibpur Union, Bakergonj, Barishal

I want to learn about youth group organizing technique, youth initiative for social and economical development, implement techniques, as well as to learn to influencing strategy to local elites. I will use my learning’s & experience to well organize the youth groups in my area, also take steps to bring social & economical change by take youth initiative using the techniques learned from peer learning visit.


Md. Apel Mahamud (Bangladeshi youth representative)

Age: 24

Position: Members of DYAB and UAB under EYW project, Secretary of Latibpur Union Youth forum (registered youth group under Department of Youth Development, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Government of Bangladesh), Latibpur Union, Mithapukur, Rangpur

I am interested to learn through peer learning:

1. Good practice of peer learning; 2. How to link with our Empower Youth for Work Project;  3. What is the benefit of peer leaning; 4. In our rural context where we fit and realistic process; 5. Barrier and advantages of peer learning.


Rezowana Sharmin Prapti (Bangladeshi youth representative)

Age: 22

Position: Members of DYAB and UAB under EYW project, Chairperson of Pairabond Union Youth forum (registered youth group under Department of Youth Development, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Government of Bangladesh), Pairabond Union, Mithapukur, Rangpur

I am motivated for learning and gather knowledge. I am interested to work with youth groups and experience sharing to our others unions. After completion the learning visit, I am ready to contribute to the Empower youth for Work project and other youth network.


Md. Nazrul Islam (Bangladeshi youth representative)

Age: 25

Position: Member of District Youth Advisory Board (DYAB) and UAB under EYW project, Baliadanga union, Batiaghata, Khulna

I am connected with EYW youth platform and different youth networks. I am very much interested to serve myself for youth empowerment as well as community. I am very optimistic, from the peer learning visit of India, I shall disseminate my experience and thoughts with our youth that will be create more awareness and motivation of our youth. I want to learn from India, which role play by the youth for their social changes as well as youth leadership development.

After back to my destination. I shall share my experience, Learning with EYW youth through different forum as ward group meeting, Apex body and DYAB meeting. I shall also demonstrate some Idea which will be inspire our youth considering the local context. I shall support to all of our apex body for more functional and they will established as government recognized organization.


Tosiba Kashem

Age: 41

Position: Project Coordinator of Empower Youth for Work project, Oxfam in Bangladesh

Being a project lead I would like to learn how youth can identify the issues that really affects their development and empowerment, and how they can influence government and other key players at different level from local to national level. And how to keep these youth group members motivated to play such roles.

Youth representative from all four working areas will pay the same learning visit, they will learn the mechanism to identify their issues and hold key players accountable to work on their issues. They will develop an action plan to implement their learning coming back home. My visit along with youth would help them to guide properly in implementing their action plan, facilitate their action at national level and create the link between different tier youth groups especially at district and national level. It would help to share the learning with other members of youth advisory board and implementing partners so that youth who would pay the visit, have action plan based on learning get the enabling environment for implementation, keep their own motivation and make other youth motivated to work for their own development and empowerment.


Musrat Hasan Emon

Age: 24

Position: Project officer of EYW, Oxfam in Bangladesh

I want to participate to see how the youth, community leader and local administration work in integrated approach and which way development organizations like Oxfam and other local organizations play their role. I want to learn the way of approach of youth, their acceptance in the community, most importantly the role of local leader and administration to facilitate the activities with youth.

In our country like Bangladesh, its very difficult to work with the local leader and govt administration. If I find anything like how youth works with the local leader and government then I will share with the youth groups and help them to implement this. Firstly, I will do it pilot basis, if it works then I will disseminate among the youth groups. Also, I would share the whole learning outcome with our Oxfam colleague and Partner Colleague for their understanding.


Gwendolyn Parami

Age: 27

Position: Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Advisor Empower Youth for Work, Oxfam Novib

The Empower Youth for Work program is implemented in Bangladesh, Pakistan Ethiopia and Indonesia. All the countries are struggling with the same challenges around youth participation and youth led influencing. How do we ensure youth keep their motivation for quality participation and active citizenship? How to sustain youth efforts and initiatives? I hope the youth from Bangladesh get inspired, new learning and motivated by this learning exchange. I am to bring back the knowledge to the other EYW countries and to wider learning within Oxfam.


Zhiren Ye

Age: 26

Position: Jr. program officer Empower Youth for Work, Oxfam Novib

As Jr program officer for Empower Youth for Work, I am interested to learn about successful models on youth participation and youth advocacy models in the rural context in India. I will ensure learning from the peer visit will be transferred to other Empower Youth for Work countries and to Oxfam in general, especially in my role as webmaster for the E-motive website.