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Rural Hub Bangladesh

Match making

The Bangladesh country team has chosen 3 solutions in India for the learning exchange, namely: READ Centre, Honey Bee Network's Business Development Micro Venture, and Barefoot College. Based on these solutions they have assessed which peers and stakeholders are needed to form the learning group.

So who do you choose for your learning group?

  • Jolly Nur Hague, project lead Oxfam Bangladesh
  • Toma Rani Saha, jr project lead Oxfam Bangladesh
  • Puspita Saha, MEAL officer Oxfam Bangladesh
  • Lokman Hossain, project leader from local partner
  • Kamona Roy, project leader from local partner
  • Manaranjan Mandal, district chair men
  • Lasmi Halder, local business women
  • Dulali Bakchi, female youngster from the local community
  • Suman Golder, men youngster from the local community
  • Nimesh Ghimire, rural enterprise expert and social innovator from Nepal
  • Carin Boersma, global learning expert from Oxfam Novib in the Netherlands