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Rural Hub Bangladesh

Facts and figures

Most young people in rural areas are caught up in a cycle of poverty. There are not enough employment opportunities for economic development. These are the most important barriers:

  • 40% of the young population is unemployed
  • 74% of the unemployed are women
  • Limited access to good and high level education
  • Skills do no match the needs of the labour market
  • High level of child marriage
  • Gender-based violence is common and accepted
  • No safe transport and mobility
  • Social and cultural norms restrict women to domestic responsibilities
  • Little knowledge about climate change


“Life feels nothing like a burden. I do not have any hope to contribute to my family. My family treats me as if I am just an extra mouth to feed. I cannot go outside and I cannot explore the world outside my community. I feel like in two years’ time I will be married of and will remain invisible. As always.” 14-year old girl, living in a remote area in Bangladesh.

Jolly from Oxfam Bangladesh explains:

 Topics for solutions

To make the rural Hubs successful and sustainable for young people is a complex challenge. The Hubs need to become youth-friendly, provide tools to create job opportunities, and become a community space. E-Motive therefore looks into solutions for four broad topics.

  • Safe mentoring & peer learning models
  • Safe mobility
  • Job creation tools
  • Community space creation


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