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Match making

There are no strict rules on how learning groups should be composed. This depends on things such as the local context, the objectives of the learning group, and the strategy for the group to make a change. However, our previous experience and evaluations show that the following are good to keep in mind when configuring a successful learning group, and can help mitigate any risks and make the most of the opportunities in the learning process:

It is important to promote sustainability of exchanges. In most cases, sustainability has been guaranteed by a combination of things. First, there should be available resources to continue on the activities once the exchange is finished. Second, a fundraiser in the group can help you focus on support, both economical and organizational, as well as identify possibilities for private and public investment in the pilot. A strong sustainability plan is important. Also, the triple-loop learning is most successful when there is a strong networking disposition in the group. Finally, having an advocacy strategy can help set more ambitious goals in the long term.

Who do you choose for your learning group?

Biruhalem Kassa
Age: 36
Position: Empower Youth for Work project manager

I want to participate in this exchange visit for various reasons. This is a unique opportunity for me to travel and get experience of another country on similar projects that are related with the project I am managing now. I believe this will give me an opportunity to see interventions/ technologies /systems/ policies in place that have brought changes in the lives of communities especially of youngsters. Attending this visit will also help me to learn and increase my capacity to adapt learnings to our project context and lead to greater achievement of intended project objective.

Thus, I want to learn many things from the visit like; success full youth business and success factors, Entrepreneurship and Business Development Support (BDS) service models for youth, mechanisms how climate change and gender are integrated in to youth economic empowerment models/interventions, favourable policy or service environment that are in place and contributing for reduction of youth unemployment, and so on.


Name: Asefash Qabato
Age: 30
Position: Shashamane District Youth and Sport office head  

I am participating in this trip to enrich my experience in the area of youth economic and social empowerment and support the youth in tackling main challenges.

I will contribute to empower youth for work project through sharing my experience for other concerned sector offices who are working in partnership with the project. On the other hand I will provide usual technical support and awareness for the targeted youth so that they develop confidence in managing and sustaining their enterprises.


Name: Geleta Kedir
Age: 30
Position: Livelihood Specialist

I am participating in this trip for training and experience sharing visit since the theme is of a special relevance to Empower Youth for Work project, my professional goals and career objectives. It is also an important event that can give me the insight about the ongoing project outcomes through referring related outcomes of similar projects experience from a country with close economic status. Sharing experiences on procedures of planning, the skills of identifying viable business ideas development, business plan development and entrepreneurship and the resulting changes from implementation are fundamentally required.

As a special added value of this event I find the opportunity to understand the employment creation potential of targeting growth oriented and demand driven markets through skills and capacity development of youth to capitalize upon local market dynamics. I also want to learn available experiences on local farmers’ capacity building specific to climate smart agriculture, which is an exceptional opportunity for horizontal exchange of experience. Capturing lessons from women entrepreneurs and life improving technologies specifically on technologies related to clean cook energy sources are of great value. I perceive this also as an occasion to familiarize with good practices as a channel for my personal development.


Name: Miski Salah Aden
Age: 25

youth empower participation

I want to participate because it will benefit me to develop my perspectives, learn a new culture and society which is different from the country where I grew up and to enhance my personal development. I want to learn new experiences regarding youth economic empowerment trough income generation and innovative approaches on job creation of different businesses.



Name: Deme Debela Chewaka
Age: 38
Position: Livelihood Project Officer at Rift Valley Children and Women Development Organization

I am participating in this trip to be inspired by new insights and lessons and to learn practical models on the area of enterprise development and their sustainability in a different perspective.

What I want to do with my learning’s in the future: I want to incorporate the lessons at different levels to ensure sustainability and benefit of the project targeted youth that we are working with. I will share my learning with my staffs and work together to replicate the lessons.


Name: Kidane Seyoum
Age: 41
Position: Enterprise Development Program Manager

I am the Business development and enterprise adviser of the Empower Youth Project. I am participating in this trip to get important lessons, insights and experiences in the areas (such as business development, entrepreneurship and enterprise development) I am providing advice. This will give me a good opportunity to incorporate new and relevant ideas into the project, modify our existing approaches and plans of the project and follow up its implementation.

Name: Abdurehman Eid
Age: 36
Position: Program Director

I hope to learn how other countries are creating economic opportunities for the youth. There is huge focus on the youth currently in Ethiopia but there is a gap in having a clear understanding of how to the help them. I will work together with our partners to make sure that we work on areas that can be replicated in our context. HAVOYOCO will look at what we can do with the lessons and do the necessary changes required.

Name: Hussein Dalecha
Age: 52
Position: project manager

Currently, I am responsible for the project that aims to empower youth- supporting youth groups' agencies, building their capacities and skills. I am willing to learn from experiences related to youth employment and how they are progressing in terms of managing their businesses; and what are the real need of the youth hosting communities and how they are actually addressing their needs.