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Match making

There are no strict rules on how learning groups should be composed. This depends on things such as the local context, the objectives of the learning group, and the strategy for the group to make a change. However, our previous experience and evaluations show that the following are good to keep in mind when configuring a successful learning group, and can help mitigate any risks and make the most of the opportunities in the learning process:

It is important to promote sustainability of exchanges. In most cases, sustainability has been guaranteed by a combination of things. First, there should be available resources to continue on the activities once the exchange is finished. Second, a fundraiser in the group can help you focus on support, both economical and organizational, as well as identify possibilities for private and public investment in the pilot. A strong sustainability plan is important. Also, the triple-loop learning is most successful when there is a strong networking disposition in the group. Finally, having an advocacy strategy can help set more ambitious goals in the long term.

Learning group

Heriza Leni
32 years
project leader EYW

Leni is the great driver after this whole project and exchange. She really would like to set up community-based tourism and will give all her energy and commitment to that during and after the visit. Her dream is coming true.



Ary Suhandi
Executive Director of the Indonesian Ecotourism Network (INDECON)

I have been involved in establishing and supporting ecotourism, community-based tourism, and conservation education programmes. My motivation is to promote ecotourism as an engine for conservation and bring people to understanding biodiversity and habitat conservation.

Ecotourism with a community based strategy is the most appropriate way of approaching a biodiverse area located beside high density settlement. Developing and promoting ecotourism in Indonesia must incorporate a broad spectrum of sustainability priorities. In addition to conservation, other important aspects we must consider are social economy, cultural preservation, gender, among others.

Faqih Aulia Akbar R.
EYW Youth Project Officer
South Sulawesi

South Sulawesi has many natural and human resources with potential. The South Sulawesi team has already identified, and power mapped these resources because they want to empower the community, especially on mass-tourism. I would like to learn how to engage the community on eco-tourism and especially how to empower young people to develop their districts.
After the exchange, I will contribute to the implementation of the project. In close collaboration with the District Government I would like to have an agreement on developing eco-tourism in their perspective area and work together with youth to develop this pilot project.

Ida Ronauli
Program Manager

One of the EYW program goals is to build capacity of the youth in the working area, facilitating youth to realized their local potential, and trigger the need to managed it in sustainable practices for their welfare. The trip will give us a lot of opportunity to see and learn how community in the Philippines manages their local potential for community welfare. Their experience and competence to manage the local potential that quite similar environment with the working area will be a good inspiration to start a good initiative.

Basically, this visit will help us to improve the program in the working area. As a programme manager, after the visit and get the lesson also inspiration, I can develop and apply the lesson learnt to others area that have similar local potential in EYW Program.

Andi Ika Syamsu Alam

Head of economy and natural resources division at Barru region development planning board

As head of economy and natural resources division, I’m responsible for establishing a proper economic development and natural resources utilization planning along with the other government agency in Barru region. By participating in this trip, I hope I can encounter some useful experiences that I can develop and implement in my field of duty. Especially the best practices related to the efforts in creating economic opportunities and enhancing competitiveness and entrepreneurship among youth.

The experiences I’ve learnt from this trip, will be used to improve youth work empowerment in Barru region. These efforts begun with sharing this experience with other related government agencies in Barru region. Then I will use this experience as my model of references to motivate that agencies to create working opportunities for youth and to implement effective youth work program. The next effort will be ensuring the youth in my region to have better access to region’s work resources and work programmes. And lastly, I will foster cooperation with job training and job provider institution along with related NGO’s to have better results.


Promotion Staff of Barru Tourism Office

The Philippines are not so different from Indonesia, so I think that the learning I will get from this exchange can easily be applied in our own areas in Indonesia. I want to learn about the difficulties around youth development in their areas and how to solve such difficulties.

Youth need confidence, so I will make sure that many things can be done, especially in the tourism sector in our area. Developing the tourism sector is very promising because it can change the social level of youth and also preserve our sustainable environment.

Íma Eka Sari
Field Assistant - Empower Youth for Work
Location: Makassar – South Sulawesi

I know that the Philippines have some communities as best practices in eco-tourism that are providing jobs for people. I am motivated to join this exchange to explore more about this, get new insights, and to see the best practices directly. I want to learn lessons about the method, on how the community find ideas, and on how they encourage people around them to contribute together. In the end I can hopefully apply what I have learn and share this in the project area of South Sulawesi.

Vice chairman of CBT Poassa Nuhada
Kulati village, south east Sulawesi

My motivation to participate in this trip is that I want to increase my experience and learning about how to manage tourism. After the exchange I will contribute to the Empower youth for Work project by sharing knowledge.

Dr. Abd. Gaffar, ST. MSi. 
Kepala Bappeda Kab. Pangkajene dan Kepulauan

Learning from various programs in Indonesia makes me anxious to earn new learning from the Philippines. From this event I wish I will get new insights so that I can deliver these to the society in my country (Indonesia – Pangkajene & Kepulauan District) and especially to encourage the Empower Youth for Work Program in Pangkajene & Kepulauan district.