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Social protection of women working in the cleaning sector in Morocco

Improvement of Safety at work is extended to include dignified transport and accommodation conditions and policies to combat moral and sexual harassment in the workplace

The project

Youth Participation and Employment is a 5-year project of Oxfam Ibis in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and Jordan. The objective is increase young men and women’s life and technical skills for them to get access to economic opportunities and actively engage in society; enhancing the organisational capacity of and commitment in institutions, the private sector, entrepreneurs, and communities to supporting youth employment; and advocacy and dialogue between youth, public and private institutions and businesses. Ultimately, the YPE program aims to create youth employment and strengthen youth participation in the framework of the Oxfam regional strategy with a focus on inequality, marginalized groups, gender and youth participation as integral to labour market development.

A strategic focus and pilot project is on social protection and working conditions for young women in the cleaning sector of office buildings of companies in Morocco. E-Motive has been used towards the end of the project as a new approach for this pilot project to gather best practices and sharing successful experiences that are relevant for young women in the cleaning sector in Morocco.

This pilot project is an important learning case for Oxfam and will be used as a valuable example on how to create local change groups and change models in future Oxfam campaigns on social protection of young women.

Starting in 2021, Oxfam in Morocco will implement a series of awareness-raising, mobilisation, and citizen engagement activities to combat gender inequalities and violence against women and girls in the workplace and in professional means of transport. These activities will be part of the "Baraka, together against violence" campaign launched by Oxfam in Morocco in 2016.

With its long experience in promoting decent working conditions for women in the red fruit sector, Oxfam in Morocco wishes, through YPE, to extend its intervention to the entire agricultural sector and to contribute to the improvement of working conditions for Moroccan women (ref. Annual Work Plan 2020).

Thus, Oxfam in Morocco accompanies the private sector to improve women's decent working conditions, according to a two-step approach:

  • The respect of the labour code by all Moroccan or foreign companies established in Morocco
  • Improvement of decent working conditions, i.e. going further than what is provided for in the Labour Code in order to guarantee employees dignified and decent working conditions.

I need to found people who feel our pain, I hope that we would one day study our situation and seek to understand it.

Zhor Mriqa, woman working in the cleaning sector


Compared to the age difference, being young, I feel often the negative agism which is very common in Moroccan spaces. I hope to find space with positive agism and more equality.

Izgar Belrhali, GAFM