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Bohol Bee Farm

Founded in 2002 by Vicky Sandidge


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The Business and Hotel focuses on in-house production and community development by engaging in bee farming, organic farming and tourist accommodation.



Lack of employment opportunities (especially for women) within the rural community that the enterprise operates.







Solution and innovation

The Bohol Bee Farm employs from within the community with multiple generations being represented throughout the hotel and farm. It is this level of community and integration with the land along with their livelihood programs that makes the social enterprise innovative. The farm also stresses on the importance of in-house production and usage of raw materials that are readily available in most of its products.







Bohol Bee Farm employs about 400 people (60% women). In the last few years, they have employed and trained 180 women. They have also trained around 30% youngsters and offered different livelihood programs in the farm – Eg. Cabcab making, Bayong making.






“Success for us is about helping others. It is about sharing what we know to those who are keen to learn.

We believe in Family, Social Responsibility and Ecological Sustainability, these are a priority for us. We continue to improve the way that both the farm and the hotel work as we delve deeper into ways that we can improve the local environment.