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Kobo is used in a humanitarian context. It is an Open-source software tool, which can be deployed across many sectors. It,s a set of simple, robust and powerful tools for data collection in the most demanding contexts. It is created by users for users; You caBuild, Collect, Analyze - Online or Offline. You could easily create forms.


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Small description of the tool

Kobo Toolbox is a suite of tools for field data collection for use in challenging environments. The software is free and open source. Most of the users are people working in humanitarian crises, as well as aid professionals and researchers working in developing countries.



Quickly collecting reliable information in a humanitarian crisis – especially following a natural disaster such as a large earthquake or a typhoon-taking place in a poor country – is the critical link to saving the lives of the most vulnerable. Understanding the population’s needs is often neglected for lack of quick means to gather and analyse this crucial information. Kobo Toolbox, developed by the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, is an open-source suite of tools for data collection and analysis in humanitarian emergencies and other challenging environments that were built to address this gap.


Solution and Innovation

Once customized to the school situation, it belongs to the school or stakeholders

Kobo is an innovation for the humanitarian situations. It can be used offline with data automatically updated when the user gets to the internet. The free open source version will be useful for South Sudan. Kobo is suitable for the humanitarian situation

The design for the questionnaire might require higher IT competency, more specifically XLS Form authoring knowledge.


Results and impact

Widely used in many sectors including education, health, humanitarian situation. Gives accurate real-time data, useful for tracking impacts of programs, used as a management tool to enhance the quality of programs

Duration: Just like ONA, in terms of engineering the solution. Depending on the capacity of the technical staff. It could take 10-15 days to deploy the full platform. This only applies to custom deployments where an organization needs to host it’s own custom instance of KOBO on its own infrastructure.

The free version so can easily be used long term by the South Sudan schools