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Mobikya is a design based waste management firm that works on designing and fabricating mass producable solutions for complicated solid wastes such as : Tires , industrial scraps and etc. and convert them to products that enhances the human experience.


Solid waste is one of the most concerning problems in Egypt. And transforming them into useful and practical products is another challenge. We as humanity should be responsible to find a working solution for trash  thrown or burnt in deserted areas.


Solutions and Innovation
Mobikiya addresses the air pollution caused by burning scrap tires. The studio utilizes discarded materials, such as old tires and plastic boxes, instead of disposing them in a way that results in dire environmental effects, to produce creative and clean furniture items and decorative pieces.

We believe that design is the approach to solve such problems , because our work requires less machinery and better economical factor besides engaging users into up-cycling their own solid wastes in a creative experience.

The innovation in our work is that we find the perfect context of the solid waste to be implemented to enhance a certain product. Example: washing machine drums perform with tires perfectly to form chairs, sofas and beds.



Mobikya upcycled tires into more than 15 designed products in an environmental manners. Mobikya wishes to continue its work and aims at zero emissions.