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Ndanto Youth Champions and Business group proposes the use of drama (in gender-related topics) as an income generating activity. Champions in this program are trained to perform about different gender issues that occur in their localities. Governments and NGOs organize events or activities and hire this group of young people to demonstrate and in that way create awareness about gender issues with a large public.


Solution and innovation


The Ndanto Youth Champions and Business Group assesses the four conditions in the following way:


Link to income generating activities

This program is a youth savings, training and business group. It started with the purpose of motivating fellow young people to start businesses and raise awareness of gender issues and women’s and girl’s rights.


Use of youth friendly tools

In order to make the content attractive for young people, the program makes use of drama and similar tools. The innovative way in which drama is used in this project is that the group studies the context, identifies gender issues and prepares representations of these issues for the general public in order to raise awareness and educate a broader group of people. They make use of market days and public events to demonstrate their activities in community halls.


Use of role models

During some trainings, youth from other groups or experts from NGOs are used to give inspiration to the young participants.


Use of digital tools

This project doesn’t use digital tools.