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Project with solution

Union de l’Action Féministe, Tangier section (UAF)

Contact: Rhimou Hajoub, Project Manager






The association works on the promotion of the social, economic and legal rights of women by supporting them in the development of their empowerment according to a holistic approach combining training of women, training of company executives, sensitization of public opinion. The UAF focused on the challenge is: how to work with women and the companies. The companies are not the enemy. Creating win-win.


Solution and Innovation

The association has developed a participatory protocol to combat sexual harassment at work in the garment sector with companies in the sector, labor delegation, general confederation of Moroccan companies, associations, and regional human rights commission. It has also trained women working in cleaning in the hotel sector and supported them in creating cooperatives so that they directly obtain labor markets in the hotel industry, out of the grip of companies in the hotel industry. We work with companies in a participatory approach that involves them as partners in this process of improving the socio-health situation of the vulnerable population concerning cleaning we have collaborations with large hotels that recruit maids who are accompanied in this professional integration.


Impact and results

Women are strengthened to act on their environment, they manage to react to violence with a logical, acceptable, and not aggressive discourse of rights, we do not want to create a break, we want to influence so that employers respect rights. The UAF the actions come together to really develop the leadership of women so that they are more autonomous and that there is an equality all this with the involvement of companies so that they develop the conviction of being a corporate citizen and act accordingly.