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Union of the Democratic Confederation of Labor (CDT), section of the province Guercif

Contact: Mohamed El Bahije, Provincial Representative of the CDT, Guercif section


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The union encourages women workers to organize to defend their rights. They are trained in the labor code and in recourse in the event of violation of their rights by their employers. The union has supported women workers who have suffered unfair dismissal, by supporting them through press releases to the media and letters to the competent authorities and calling on them to monitor standards for compliance with the labor code. This union has been very visible in the media with its considerable support for workers in the cleaning sector in the health services of the province of Guercif. It can therefore be an example of an ally who supports the struggles of workers in this sector until their acquisition of acquired knowledge.


Solution and social innovation

We help working women to organize themselves and know their rights, we give them training on the labor code so that they know their rights and obligations; Women who are unionized are no longer fired from work and are more stable professionally.

Pressure is exerted through press releases to the media, letters are sent to the competent authorities to inform them of contracts and to call on them to monitor the standards for compliance with the labor code; in case of non-response by the authorities, demonstrations and sit-ins are made; letters are sent to the Ministry of Labor; letters are sent to the ministries that make the contracts, in this case the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health. When we do not reach solutions with the parties, we go to court, we accompany the women by doing mediation sessions and reconciliation with the employer, it is the Ministry of Labor that mediates and at the end if it does not work it prepares a report that we send to the court. CDT is conciliatory, it tries to find an agreement that satisfies all parties. We try to make a common PV between us and the employer, with a request for compliance with certain conditions including the minimum wage, the declaration to the CNSS; we advocate with the administrations in charge of the markets to pay attention to the use of products that may harm the health of women workers.


Results and impact

This section of the CDT has been the most visible in the media with its considerable support for the workers of the cleaning sector in the health services of the province of Guercif, it can be an example of an ally that supports the struggles of the workers of this sector until they obtain achievements by accompanying them in negotiations with the administration of the hospital, the company that has the market and the actors. These workers had no stability, any company that came, sent them back to the end of the market. In the experience of struggle of the cleaning workers of the hospital of Guercif we managed to establish the social coverage for them and for their children as well as they are indemnified by the CNSS, in addition we accompany the women to recognize the value of their profession just like a doctor or a nurse who is the cleaning of the hospital, they are seen as an indispensable part of the health system. We encourage them to have confidence in themselves, we encourage them to work only their hours and their spaces signed not where they are asked to go they go beyond their prerogative, we ask the hospital to keep a table of distribution of their work in a regulatory way.