Impact stories from Pakistan and Bangladesh 30/07/2018 Back to News overview Impact stories from Pakistan and Bangladesh Curious about the impact of the learning exchanges from Pakistan to Nepal and from Bangladesh to India? Explore the impact stories about setting up sustainable rural hubs here: Empowering youth in Pakistan Empowering youth in Bangladesh  

Decreasing of local production caused by climate treats and droughts There is a lack of water in Ethiopia, which is decreasing the production and increasing poverty in local communities. How to deal with the lack of water? Can we test and implement new technologies to improve agricultural productions as a new challenge? There is also […]

When Nepalese met Pakistanis 27/05/2018 Back to News overview When Nepalese met Pakistanis It seems like yesterday when EYW Pakistan team returned from Emotive exchange visit of Nepal with bucket full of ideas to implement in the districts of Layyah and Jamshoro and spin the wheel of entrepreneurship in right direction. But it wasn’t as easy […]

Video Launch- Exchange Pakistan to Nepal 14/03/2018 Back to News overview Video Launch- Exchange Pakistan to Nepal   “This exchange program was a phenomenal experience. It was full of valuable lessons consisting of best practices for achieving sustainability for small enterprises. Aspects related to establishing hubs in rural areas were the major highlight of the […]