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Improving data collection for school management in South Sudan

Match making

Selection of schools and participants to be trained for digital pilot with KOBO

Following restrictions related to Covid-19 measures, we decided to select one of the three pre-identified models. Following an online presentation by David Ogiga, the expert from Sote Hub, of the three tools and an extensive discussion with the team in South Sudan we finally select KoBo Toolbox as the best model to improve data-collection and analysis in schools. An important reason for this was that the Education Cluster in South Sudan is also using Kobo Toolbox, which increases the chances that the pilot projects can be scaled.


To enhance sustainability, the training trajectory will start with a training of trainers, with participation from a representative from the State Ministry of Education and project staff from the project locations.  Subsequently, trainings session will take place for future users of the Kobo Toolbox, followed by a day of field testing. From Juba and Torit, 2 schools would be selected by project partners, providing room for 9 different stakeholders from each school: 1 headteacher, 2 teachers, 2 SMC members, 2 PTA members, 1 local authority representative, and 1 local partner representative (Oxfam, AVSI, or CDI).The training will be facilitated by the participants from the ToT, with active support and back-up from Stephen Aloo as the certified Kobo Toolbox Trainer.