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Rural Hub Bangladesh

Knowledge sharing

Return visit

Three months after their visit in India, two representatives of READ Centre and Honey Bee Network visited the learning group in Bangladesh to see what has been achieved so far. In a 3-day programme they visited the new projects that the learning group started, and helped to implement the lessons further by giving suggestions and new ideas.


Anamika Dey, Honey Bee Network

"During my visit to Bangladesh I could see a great degree of synergy and potential links between Oxfam’s work and the Honey Bee Network. I hope that I could give insights that were useful for the project to become more enriching. I see a great deal of possibilities to help each other, from workshops to sharing newsletters. Let's sustain innovations and set up enterprises to create new futures for the youth!"



Implementing lessons learned

The Bangladesh team is implementing the lessons learned from the exchange visit by:

    • Sharing the ideas among youth, people from the communities and local government representatives
    • Encouraging youth to take lead in message dissemination and meeting with community people, the market committee and other key actors.
    • Creating income opportunities for women
    • Motivating the community people to ensure community ownership in development activities
    • Youth have already started implementing some of the innovative ideas

The first results are:

  • Information dissemination through stickers, shopping bags and theater on topics such as child marriage and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
  • Starting a community-owned school for children
  • Economic opportunities for women, this includes finding the gaps in the market by growing dragon fruit
  • Developing a palm seeds plantation for the mitigating of the effects of a thunderstorm
  • Developing a pilot design for the rural hubs from existing Digital Union Centers

Further collaboration

Both Honey Bee Network and READ Center India are interested in further collaboration. Including:

  • Building the capacity of the young and creative farmers through a meaningful entrepreneurial engagement
  • Exchange of farmers'  innovations between India and Bangladesh to draw up lessons for future programmes of climate resilient farming technologies
  • Encouraging cultural, social and technological innovation and entrepreneurship among the creative rural youth
  • Continue working on the model of a rural hub, the pilot design of a Union Digital Center
  • Promoting environment friendly technologies
  • Ensuring community ownership in development initiatives

Result 2021

Inspiring Story from Rangpur youth hub. The youth groups are in the way of sustainability through hub business and creating impact through skill training, business, social activities, employment and networking.

By own initiatives, Latibpur Youth information & resources center (Rural hub) start tailoring training. Two women enrolled in the training and formal conduct with the youth hub.  Most. Rumi Begum (EYW project's first youth who received tailoring training in 2017) provides training as a mentor.    Through this Rural hub, youth can receive skill training.