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Youth gender champions Uganda

Exchange facilitating

The exchange was organized per topic, so each day the participants focused on learning about one of the above mentioned conditions. Generally, the team from Tanzania started by giving a practical presentation of the used tools, followed by a round of questions coming from both the teams in Uganda and the Netherlands. Doing the exchange in a digital setting allowed for guests from different countries. So, Ambra Scaduti and Vestine Mukandayisenga, who were invited to share their experiences and expertise on different projects in which they work on gender with young people.

“The team here is fantastic, bombastic, yes yes yes”

-- Peace Chandini, project lead E@S Uganda


The last day of the learning exchange (Friday 15th) was reserved for the team in Uganda to reflect and create concrete action plans on how to apply the tools that were learned during the event in their own projects and regions. Three different teams presented their proposals and Ambra Scaduti, Carin Boersma and Alejandra Flecha asked some questions and gave advice on the presented action plans.

“Young people are attracted to digital tools and we use them for inspirational purposes”

-- Vestine Mukandayisenga, GALS expert- Rwanda


Different dynamics were organized in order to increase the learning experience for the participants. One example is that at the end of every day, the team in Uganda was given the task to, in groups, select the most interesting learnings from the day and prepare a plan on how to apply those in their own context. The next day would start with the teams in Uganda pithing their ideas for a jury formed in Tanzania who gave feedback and recommendations on the proposed plans.

“Our community now believes that men and women can work together”

-- Samson Abel, role model and entrepreneur Tanzania

This type of dynamics that enabled more interaction between the different teams allowed to create a greater sense of community and togetherness that was challenged by the online nature of the exchange. To break even more the distance, the different teams organized energizers and shared different songs and dances from their own countries which brought laughter and a nice atmosphere to the learning exchange.

“Role models are key for keeping youth groups together”

-- Youth Empowerment Program, Tanzania

Here you will find the report of the exchange.


Here you will find the hand-outs of the selecting tools for income generating activities, the use of role models, Youth friendly and digital tools. The Uganda learning group will test some of these tools in their pilot.


Back in Uganda

Omanya Pato shared his learning and action plan with the local community and government and he already got access to a pice of land to start with his Youth group a joined enterprise: Watch his story in this video :


During the exchange, Ndanto was telling their story. They are filming and selling their theater performance to influence mindsets in the community on gender and social norms.

Here you will find their 5 minutes story on how they spread out the story to a wider public and at the same time use this for income-generating activities:


Samson, the founder of Nyanya bora is telling his story how they established a tomato farm as a demonstration farm and as an income generating activity for a group of young women and men.

Listen to his inspiring story: