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Youth gender champions Uganda

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Improve GALS better to Income generating income to bring quick benefits for young people

3 Youth groups all have started a pilot to have a joint business combined with gender friendly practices (GALS). We see that this brought more solidarity to work together and even equality in sharing the project work. This new scource for income is given a boost to the saving culture in these youth groups.

These are the 3 youth groups

Group 1 St Mary Choir, Asianzu and Drileba youth groups working together and are connected to the NAFA GALS E- learning center






Group 2 - Pakwiyo GALS youth group is connected to WEDELAI GALS E-learning Centre






Group 3 - POROPORO Youth group is connected to the POROPORO GALS E-Learning Centre






Activities done by the youth groups in the pilots are:

Group business include savings, green house tomatoes project

  • Interest other youth into business
  • Challenge norms like female youth are not for business or that certain work like for only male youth
  • Marketing opportunities for their tomatoes
  • Market their product


Use drama, music and dance

  • To entertain themselves and burn stress
  • To increase their visibility and respect in the community
  • Rise awareness about the E learning Centre
  • Act as a mobile E learning Centre





Each youth has their own Vision Road Journey

  • Because aside of the group vision they too do some other business to diversify incomes
  • Some are married, other in school so this is their life journey
  • Gives them purpose of life
  • Shows how their business and group business is interconnected
  • Helps them to focus and to save


Using the Empowerment map

  • Maps and analyses her relationships and effect on her
  • Identifies those who empower and disempower her
  • Plans how to influence them
  • Identifies those she needs to reach out so that they can change
  • Comes out a confident, assertive youth with a strong voice





Individual Business Road Journey

  • Increase sale and diversify incomes
  • Identify markets and Address business challenges
  • Assess labour needs
  • Plan savings and Manage time well
  • Plan for changes in weather




Use of ICT in GALS practices

Some groups like Poroporo youth already collected money and bought one smart phone. The challenge is some youth cannot afford smart phones.

So those that had phones were using it to record trainings and search information on their Tomato project.


Recommendation from the youth for ICT options

  • Group face book account (interactive information sharing)
  • What’s up group (interactive for members to effectively communicate)
  • Shoot and post U tube- Videos (for documentation and dissemination of success stories)
  • Group messaging (quick information sharing for those who might not have smart phones)
  • Google meeting with other youth (interactive with others youth, imperators or mentors) .
  • They need more training on effective smart phones use and strategies how other members can have phones.