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Youth gender champions Uganda

Match making

Empower@Scale Uganda team has identified the 4 solutions for learning: 1. Tanzania advancing youth; 2. Youth empowerment program; 3. Ndanto youth champions and business group; 4. Nydanya bora youth project. Based on these key learning topics, the composition of the E-motive visit group is then finalized.



Representatives of five youth groups coming from different districts of Uganda (Arua, Yumbe and Pakwach)  participated on the online E-Motive exchange. The members of these groups (92 men and 55 women in total) have been trained and equipped in GALS and VSLA and are already active in their communities.


The use of GALS is enabling these youngsters to have a vision for the future and identify the challenges they face and the steps needed to achieve it. This motivation to reach their goals is creating a savings culture.  The online E-Motive exchange exposes them to different perspectives and ideas on how to use savings strategies among groups and how to incorporate the gender component in an effective way.



Prior to the E-Motive exchange, the team in Uganda shared their motivations and expectations. They all agreed in wanting to learn and scale up ideas and tools related to youth empowerment and new ways to make younger generations engaged with empowerment and gender issues. Together with this, they were eager to learn about practical tools (best practices) that could be used in their groups to start income generating activities and therefore improve their livelihoods.


After the exchange the youth groups hoped to be able to become youth GALS champions and link to the Empowerment Learning Centres; to learn and replicated the inclusion of young people in gender programs; and to raise the standard of living of their communities through their activities.


Learning group

Okaya John Bosco

Project Officer

Location:  Arua






Afura Zaria


Location:  Poroporo (Yumbe)








Orodriyo Bosco


Location:  Nafa (Arua)






Okusaru Fatuma


NAFA (Arua)





Onziku Felix


Location:  NAFA (Arua)









Omanya Francis Patho


Location:  Wadelai (Pakwach District)




Rwothomio Crispo


Location:  CEFORD







Oyiorwoth Nancy

Youth GALS champion

Location:  Wadelai (Pakwach District)







Ajuga Ahmad

Young GALS Champion

Location:  Poroporo (Yumbe)


Opio Emans

Production Officer (In charge Fisheries

Location:  Wadelai (Pakwach District)


Name: Ruth Idode Ojonoka

Position: GALS facilitator

As a GALS facilitator, my motivation to participate of the learning exchange is to interact with the champions at their ELC to see their level of usage of the GALS methodology in their individual livelihoods, community and ELCs. My contribution after the exchange will be to link the ELC to other organizations and communities that are implementing GALS to share their experiences.


Name: Joseph Akolo Eki

Position: MEL Officer

My responsibility on the VSLA groups is to perform follow-up visits to make sure that the tools and methodologies are been applied; track the progress of the VSLA groups; and, monitor the VSLA field officers. My motivation to be part of this exchange is to build my capacity and learn how to better empower the communities and tackle poverty and inequality that exists worldwide.

After the learning exchange my role will be to encourage and increase gender dynamics in the community and increase the participation of women and young people in entrepreneurial activities.


Name: Musa Bitrus  

Position: Field Officer – Agricultural extension  

I work as staff with the farmers through Agricultural Extension Services. I help with the facilitation of behavioral change of people living in rural areas through the E-Motive process. This, to encourage the integration of GALS and Agricultural Extension projects.

My motivation to participate on the learning exchange is to acquire new knowledge about the Financial Action Learning System (FALS). After the exchange, my contribution will be to use the knowledge gained to train other VSLA group.


Name: Solomon Yakubu Enjola

Position: VSLA Project Supervisor

My role in the VSLA groups, among other additional tasks, is to coordinate and provide leadership in relation to their activities. Additionally, I mobilize and raise awareness about the importance of VSLA groups with local leaders and traditional chiefs.

My motivation to participate on the learning exchange is that I believe that VSLA has come to stay among the urban and rural dwellers. It is self-selected and managed and easier to access in comparison with formal financial institutions. My participation is an opportunity for me to learn new ideas, knowledge and new skills on E-Motive and how to incorporate the learnings into VSLA groups.

After the learning exchange, I will support the testing of the new learnings in the VSLA groups. Concretely, I will support the inclusion of GALS in VSLA activities and ensure the scale-up of the mentioned methodology in other VSLA groups in the state.


Name: Helen Jonathan

Position: Secretary of VSLA group

My role at the VSLA groups is to teach them about GALS; Agricultural Extension Learning; VSLA; Income Generating Activities; and, record keeping. My motivation to participate of the learning exchange is to learn more things that can be improve the VSLA groups were I participate.

My contribution after the E-Motive exchange is to use the acquired knowledge to scale up the use of GALS in VSLA groups.


Name: Eki Ramaty

Position: Chairperson of ELC

My role on VSLA groups is as community mobilizer, ELC chairperson and GALS champion. My motivation for participating on the E-Motive learning exchange is to learn about FALS and become a role model for the people in my community. After the exchange I will contribute by mobilizing women in my community and train them on the new knowledge I will gain.


Name: Henry Adagari

Position: Chairperson

My role in VSLA groups is as member and community mobilizer. My motivation to participate on the learning exchange is to become a better person and more effective at what I do. After the exchange, my contribution will be to train others and to mobilize women and young people.


Name: Cecilia Anthony

Position: member of VSLA group

My motivation to participate from this learning exchange is to gain more expertise and knowledge and become a role model in my community. After the learning exchange, I will contribute by mobilize other women to be enlightened.



Name: Luila Harvena 

Position: Finance Officer

 My motivation to participate on the E-Motive learning exchange is to learn how to improve the access of rural women to financial services. After the exchange my role would be to support rural women in doing so.


Name: Sunday Galadima

Position: Project Officer

I am a chairperson of the YMCA VSLA group. My motivation to participate on the exchange is to learn how to improve rural women’s access to financial services and to improve their overall household income. After the exchange I will coordinate, monitor, report the progress, mobilize and create linkages for the community members.


Name: Lydia Ameh

Position: GALS expert and facilitator

I am a GALS trainer and expert already for more than 15 years. I have interest in the FALS tools, how could we use the financial management calendar to improve gender dynamics in rural finance.

Her Quote during the exchange: This have been an amazing and enlightening workshop. Very interesting content and technique with great results which I will use in my practice.