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Social protection of women working in the cleaning sector in Morocco

Program preparation

With such a diverse group and sensitive topic, it is essential to build trust, so the program is designed in such a way that it provides a safe space for sharing, reflecting, and learning.

An important focus is on how to collaborate to build a long term and strong local change group and consortium for future collaboration. That is why we started every morning with a team building activity.

The second focus was how to keep it practical and realistic for implementation. Each best practice and participant have a piece of the puzzle, how to integrate these pieces into a strong joint change model. For this goal we built in open and practical sharing and time for reflection in small groups to transform the learnings into practical action and experiments.

The exchange visit was planned for three days in July 2021 in the headquarters of Oxfam Morocco in Rabat. Each day focused on one best practice and at the end of each day there was time for reflection. On the last day we scheduled time to come up with a plan of action.