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Social protection of women working in the cleaning sector in Morocco

Knowledge sharing

Please find the E-Motive impact story here:  Impact story_YPE_final_WORD.

We are now in the phase of testing in practice, for example by organizing self-defense workshops for cleaning women. In December we will gather again in Morocco to evaluate the results and continue working on our change model. To help with the practical implementation a new partner has come on board to support the change group in working together.

Our change model so far looks like this:

Empower women through:

  • Self-defense workshops
  • Safe spaces for sharing experiences
  • Creating solidarity
  • Inspiring role models

Engage companies to:

  • Sign direct contracts with cleaning workers
  • Integrate respect for working conditions
  • Have inspiring role models
  • Provide trainings that change mindsets

Let the unions:

  • Support women in creating cooperatives
  • Help women to advocate their rights
  • Be visible in the media

Use the media to:

  • Break stereotypes around cleaning workers
  • Campaign against harassments
  • Advocate for women’s rights

The E-Motive exchange was very important, because it opened my eyes to a new way of working together based on the diversity of associative actors, activists and trade unionists. I learned a lot and my vision evolved into the idea of ​​working together in a complementary framework for a common purpose.

Mohamed EL Bahij, CDT Guercif


We women in the cleaning industry suffer a lot of stigma because of the image we are portrayed in the media, when our work is honorable. We want to show how our role is important and requires respect.

Zhor Mrika, Woman worker in the cleaning sector and unionist at CDT Guercif